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Accommodation in Volary

14 accommodation possibilities are matching the selected criteria: Volary
20.10.- 22.10.2023 free entire apartment house in Volary for a great price... New: we rent e-bikes with a range of up to 200 km, price CZK 850/day ... more at www electric colossus CZ The cottage... more
Free weekend 20.10.- 22.10.2023 entire apartment house for a great price.... New e-bikes with a range of up to 200 km can be rented for CZK 850/day !!! family holidays and company events!!! Resort... more
The original Šumava cottage of the defunct village of Stögrova Huť from 1879 was completely renovated in 2014 Semi-seclusion is located in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area (PLC) on the border... more
20.10.- 22.10.2023 we have an entire apartment house available in Volary for a great price... Chalet Jiřík is located in the heart of the Šumava National Park in a semi-secluded area after... more
Old cottage in a new coat in the Šumava National Park, near the Vltava. The newly renovated building offers quality facilities in two fully equipped apartments with separate entrances, which can be... more
The cottage is located in the beautiful Šumava countryside near the Vltava River in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area on the border of the Šumava National Park (Soumarský Most) The place here... more
We welcome you to our newly renovated cottage under the menhirs, which is located in the village of Volary, in the Prachatické district Come to us to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of the... more
You will be welcomed in the pleasant environment of a family boarding house Leave your vehicle in the safety of the closed parking lot in the yard, relax by the garden pond or have a barbecue under... more
The accommodation is in a detached cottage in the garden of a family house in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Volar Part of the cabin is a covered terrace with a fireplace Wood for the... more
Stylish old cottage, sensitively renovated Comfort and yet the coziness and atmosphere of an old cottage One of the most beautiful corners of Šumava, beautiful nature undiscovered by tourists,... more
The owner is not present during your stay your family/group will always be alone in the building Newly another bedroom and kitchen, see photo Volary is a small town in the southern part of... more
We offer you accommodation in a beautiful pre-war villa in the town of Volary, which is the gateway to the Šumava National Park Volary is located in the district of Prachatice, which is the least... more
The property is located in Šumava in a quiet part of the town of Volar, in the Old Town It is new, wooden, Alpine type Tyroleans lived in Volary before the 1946 deportation. There are more of these... more
Accommodation is located in Šumava in the "wooden" town of Volary, in its historic part Volary have full civic amenities Train, bus, groceries, supermarket Penny, doctors, playground The... more

More accomodation near Volary

The cottage is located in Nová Pec, right next to Lipno This area is ideal for an active holiday as well as for relaxation There are 3 apartments for 4 - 8 people, each with its own kitchenette... more
If you are looking for solitude, peace and quiet in the beautiful nature of our largest national park Šumava, this place is the ideal choice 4 equipped rooms with sanitary facilities are available... more
Apartments Pod Stožcem - accommodation in Šumava, is a great place for family recreation, a meeting place with your friends The ideal cycling base in Šumava for families and sports groups of... more
Welcomes you in 2018 to the completely newly renovated Farm U Medvěda, which offers stylish Šumava accommodation in sensitively renovated apartments of the former Schwarzenberg hunting lodge The... more
Our cottage is located in the Šumava Protected Area in the small quiet village of Láz about 2 km south of Nová Peca This ideal location provides many options for summer and winter holidays, which... more
The newly renovated apartments are located in the small village of Pěkná, in the heart of Šumava nature, not far from the main road from Volar to Lipno The size of the apartments is suitable for... more
The holiday cottage is located in the very heart of Šumava, semi-secluded in the typical cottage settlement of Sviňovice, which is located near Prachatice It is a place on the southeastern slope of... more
The original secluded cottage Freshly renovated 2019 located in the heart of Šumava with plenty of snow, within reach of Kvilda, interior with historic truss (Ondřejské kříže), machine tracks... more
We offer accommodation in newly equipped and modernly furnished apartments in a popular and attractive location in Šumava. The apartments are part of the Nova Lake recreation area in Nová Pec in... more
I am offering a cottage for rent in Šumava - Lenora Houžná, semi-solitude by the forest, a large fenced garden of 1600 M with a covered swimming pool and playground. Within walking distance of... more
The guesthouse is located near the Strážný border crossing, so it is a great base for trips not only to the Czech and German sides of the Šumava The entire area is equipped above standard for... more
We offer accommodation in a romantic Šumava cottage with a tiled stove, a garden of 1,600 m², a sauna and a beautiful view of the highest mountain in Šumava (Plechý), right from the bedroom!... more
The cottage near the Vltava is located in the small village of Pěkná, on the border of the PLA and the Šumava National Park in places near the former "iron curtain", with a beautiful view of the... more
The apartment near Plešný jezera is located in the heart of the Šumava National Park The unique location of the Apartment in Jeleny Vrsy will delight almost every lover of nature and... more
Apartment no 813 is part of the Nova Lake resort in Nová Pec, near the Lipno dam It is situated on the ground floor It has a large terrace with outdoor seating Parking is provided directly in... more
The terraced house is located in Prachatice in the South Bohemian Region, on the border of the Šumava foothills, 43 km west of České Budějovice and less than 38 km from Český Krumlov The house... more
Cottage EDEN is a luxurious cottage in Nová Pec in Šumava, which provides enough comfort for up to 12 people Families with children will come to their senses here, but also associations,... more
Apartment ŠESTKA is a new duplex apartment with a balcony measuring 67 m2. It is located on the 2nd floor and attic of building A of the Nova Lake Resort complex in Nová Pec in Šumava, near the... more
Tourist cottage Libínské Sedlo is located in the picturesque village of the same name near Prachatice in Šumava We offer accommodation for groups of friends, families with children, tourists,... more
Brand new, above-standard equipped apartments in Šumava are located right next to the Vltava cycle path from Nová Peca to Stožka Parking right next to the apartment behind the barrier You can rent... more
This is a renovated boarding house in a quiet part of the village, private accommodation, not far from the Lipno dam, the Hochficht ski area, an excellent location for summer and winter sports,... more
Newly built, ground-floor, self-contained, luxuriously equipped apartment, floor area 80m², living room with dining area, fully equipped kitchen, 3x bedrooms, 2x bathroom, shower, 2x WC, hall,... more
Originally, the hunting lodge is located at the very end of České Žlebé on the edge of the forest (1st zone of NP Šumava) towards Stožka The cottage has been partially renovated so that it... more
The building has been completely renovated and offers the possibility of a holiday for up to 8 - 10 people, which reduces costs because the price is per building, not per person The cottage is... more
Newly renovated apartment house, with above-standard equipment The house is located outside the village, in Horní Vltavica, right in the central part of Šumava The apartment is located 500m from... more
The cottage is in the picturesque valley of the Kaplický stream surrounded by forests and meadows where horses and cows graze The cottage is within walking distance of the Boubínské lake and the... more
The log cabin "Hájenka" was sensitively reconstructed with an emphasis on preserving the original elements of the Šumava building The cottage is located between the villages of České Žleby and... more
The cottage is located in a cottage area in Horní Vltavica She is a non-smoker WE UPDATE OCCUPANCIES EVERY... more
Chalupa U Kolibříka is located in Želnav near Nová Peca and Horní Planá The cottage has two floors On the lower floor, a spacious corridor is suitable for e.g to store bicycles, a shared large... more
Accommodation in a family pension in Šumava not far from Boubín The mountain farm is located at an altitude of 820 m n m overlooking the wide valley Let yourself be charmed by its family... more
Apartments Smrk and Javor are located in the village of Nová Pec, where you will find peace and unspoiled nature that Šumava offers Nová Pec is located where the warm and cold Vltava rivers "end"... more
The cottage in Pěkná is located in the small and quiet village of Pěkná in Šumava It is located in the PLA and borders the Šumava National Park The building has been completely renovated and... more
Newly renovated interior of a cottage (2018 - 2022) in the village of Drslavice, local part of Škarez I part Cottage Čtyřlístek is located in the Šumava foothills, on the border of the Šumava... more
A cottage in the very heart of Šumava The cottage is located in the third zone of the Šumava National Park, but at the same time it is less than 400 meters to Nová Peca This quiet and safe place... more
New, detached and luxuriously furnished design apartment 80m² in the Šumava National Park and close to the Lipno dam, ideal for active summer and winter holidays, situated in a quiet part of Nová... more
Nová Pec is located on the right bank of the starting Lipno Dam, 18 km from Volar and 38 km from Český Krumlov Accommodation is in two new apartments with five beds each, in a beautifully... more
The apartment is located at an altitude of 950 m at the foot of Boubín on the floor of a family house at the end of the village of Kubova Huť (the village with the highest railway station in the... more
The building has been completely renovated and offers accommodation for up to 15 people + extra beds The price is per object The cottage is located near the Šumava National Park, 3 kilometers from... more
Apartments Tina and Zdenka are located in the picturesque Šumava village Stožec, in a newly renovated building (year 2017) The apartments were completed in 2018. The apartments are modern and... more
The completely renovated cottage "U Šupíků" can be found in the small settlement of Arnoštov, which is located near Volar on the Blanica river, at the place where the Puchéřský stream flows... more
Nice spacious family house with fenced garden for rent POOL POOL, FIREPLACE, GRILL, INFRA SAUNA (Hot tub - only on request) Fenced garden 600 m², fireplace and 3 benches, swing, trampoline 6kWp... more
The cottage is suitable both for people looking for exercise and for people who want peace and privacy The forest begins a little behind the cottage, the Vltava river flows across the street The Inge... more
Šumava and Lipno in one place all year round Enjoy moments of comfort and peace in a family atmosphere in the heart of Šumava There are many activities around the guesthouse Right next to the... more
The apartment is located in the village of Stožec, the heart of the Šumava National Park, with many opportunities for active rest for not only hiking (e.g. Stožecká chapel, Boubín forest,... more
The cottage is located in the village of Horní Vltavice near Boubín Horní Vltavice is surrounded by deep forests full of mushrooms and many wonderful trips can be made here Hornovltavicko is a... more
A well-equipped cottage in a semi-secluded area near the forest in the middle of the picturesque Šumava countryside If you want to spend a quiet or active holiday in nature, definitely come and see... more
The cottage is unique due to its unique location in the Šumava National Park, near the Vltava River at the beginning of the Lipno Reservoir The cottage is located in a secluded area near the forest... more
Comfortable and cozy accommodation in nature. The completely newly furnished mountain-style cottage has a capacity of 12 - 18 people and is ideal for families with children or groups of friends. It... more
Our family guesthouse Pohoda u Lva is located in the village of Nová Pec, in the Bělá part of the recreation area, where perfect peace awaits you in the bosom of nature This village on the banks... more
Chalupa Slunečná is located in the village of Slunečná, on the border between Lipno and Šumava National Park and belongs to the Želnava It is located near Nová Peca or Horní Planá and within... more
Apartments Na paloučku are located on the outskirts of the village Strážný in the Šumava National Park Accommodation is in triple apartments with a total capacity of 9 people The apartments are... more
A family house on the edge of the small Šumava village of Záblatí, 9 km from Prachatice There is a grass plot with an area of ​​2000 square meters near the house From the terrace of the house... more
The building is a former forge, used almost until the revolution After complete reconstruction, the building has two residential floors and an attic, it stands on the very edge of a peaceful village... more
We would like to invite you to relax and unwind in Šumava to a recreational area in the foothills of Šumava, where you will find beautiful natural nooks. The most significant of them is the... more
We newly reconstructed the cottage under Libín in December 2019. It is located in the village of Sviňovice at the foot of Mount Libín near Prachatice. When building, we thought of making it a... more
We offer for rent a stylish Šumava cottage with all the conveniences of modern times The cottage has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a sauna, a fireplace, a terrace, and a 2000 m² plot with a beautiful... more
Our guesthouse Jelení vrchy is located in the southern part of the Šumava National Park The altitude of the guest house is 900 above sea level and its location is an ideal starting point for... more
Horní Vltavice is located in the central part of Šumava and is thus an ideal starting point for business trips to the beauties of the National Park Two apartments located in a cottage settlement... more
We invite you to a cabin with two bedrooms (capacity 2+3) or a log cabin (2+2), which are annexes (nearby) of a new stylish mountain hotel, located in an untouched and wild corner of Šumava at an... more
Newly built recreation resort in Nová Pec in Šumava Location right next to a popular and sought-after bike path The apartments are suitable both for families with children and for couples looking... more
Šumava Cottage is a family-type guest house It is located in Dobrá, a small settlement included in the list of cultural monuments, which lies in the first zone of the Šumava National Park near the... more
The cottage is located on a green meadow near the forest, our own pond is in sight and around a lot of green trees - you are in Šumava, after all You can find the Ambra family accommodation cottage... more
In the village of Dobrá, under the northern slopes of the Stožec peak (1,085 m), we find a beautiful wooden building in the Alpine style, so typical of Šumava and the former Sudetenland - Hospoda... more
There are 2 separate apartments in the building Each apartment has 4 beds with the possibility of 1 extra bed or baby beds The apartment includes a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet,... more
The family pension is located on the outskirts of the village of Nová Pec with the possibility of sitting on the terrace or in the garden with a fireplace and a pergola For children there is a... more
Apartments Na samote are located 1 km outside the village of Kubova Huť in beautiful nature in the middle of Šumava forests In the newly renovated building you will find 4 tourist apartments and a... more