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Accommodation in Jičín

158 accommodation possibilities are matching the selected criteria: Jičín
The completely newly built cottage is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech Paradise in Prachovské skaly, 7 km from Jičín Parking is on its own fenced lot In addition, the possibility... more
The cottage is located at the junction of Český Ráj and Krkonoší She is distant 3 km from the town of Peck It belongs to the Podzvičinsko microregion It is suitable for families with... more
We offer pleasant and comfortable accommodation in a First Republic villa (former police station) with a wonderful period atmosphere in the very heart of the Prachovské skal, in the Bohemian... more
A cottage in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise (year-round rental) for 12 people with a covered, lit and heated pool (from May to October), wifi internet, for a quiet holiday, suitable for families... more
Are you looking for a great cottage weekend for up to 12 people in one package? Or are you even going to dovču? Hey, what about this ?! Relax, silence, fresh air, nature, walks, trips, rest,... more
Large stylish cottage with above-ground pool and sand filtration, ideal for summer or winter holidays is located in the Giant Mountains on the outskirts of the quiet village Vidochov. Our cottage is... more
The cottage near Kňourků is located in the picturesque village of Vidoň Luxury accommodation in a beautiful and quiet area of ​​Podkrkonoší, on the edge of a small village in the middle of... more
Brick cottage in semi-solitude, in the village of Radim u Jičína (5 km), in the Giant Mountains. The cottage has up to 10 beds in five rooms and is suitable not only for family holidays, but also... more
Stylish private accommodation near a real mill is located in a quiet part of the town of Železnice in Bohemian Paradise One room and two apartments will offer you a great opportunity for relaxation,... more
Accommodation you've heard of We provide accommodation services with the best ratio between the price and the quality of the services offered in a stylish, newly renovated COTTAGE for 11 people and... more
The cottage with a beautiful view is located in Bohemian Paradise, about 2 km from Prachovské skal on the tourist route from Jičín The altitude is 329m It is a unique, quiet place from where you... more
Year-round rental of a stylish wooden cottage (16 beds) under the lookout with a large cross and statues of St. Peter and Paul, from where you can really see the landmarks of half of Bohemia, such as... more
Pay attention to the availability calendar, thank you. New nesspresso coffee machine and ping pong table! This year's holiday in the heart of Bohemian Paradise! Paradise for cycling, climbing and... more
The cottage is located in a quiet environment on the edge of the village overlooking a pond where herons live freely The surroundings are green with mature trees where many birds nest and a large... more
To the Czech Paradise, the journey is pleasant... and not only the journey... The cottage is located on the outskirts, at the end of the small village of Plhov, not far from Sobotka (the town of... more
The object is rented only as a whole! We offer accommodation for all who want to get to know the landscape of the Krkonoše Mountains and the Bohemian Paradise, they are attracted by hiking and... more
The cottage offers two apartments One apartment is located on the ground floor of the building, it consists of a living room, kitchen and bathroom with toilet (50 m2) and a separate bedroom (20... more
The cottage is located in the beautiful surroundings of Bohemian Paradise in Prachovské skaly, 7 km from Jičín. The cottage is two-storey and consists of two bedrooms, equipped kitchen with dining... more
We offer you year-round private accommodation with a wonderful and enchanting view in the Bohemian Paradise without the presence of a host in a peaceful location directly below the ruins of the... more
The apartment is located in a small village in the center of Bohemian Paradise, above which rise sandstone rocks There is a playground in the village Beautiful view from the rocks above the... more
A cottage with a large, stylish common room, suitable for larger groups, is located in the central part of the UNESCO Bohemian Paradise geopark, near the Prachovské skal, overlooking the Troska... more
We offer for rent a stylish wooden, modernly equipped cottage in Podkrkonoší, near the popular tourist areas of Bohemian Paradise and Krkonoše The cottage can comfortably accommodate 10 adults... more
A beautiful reconstructed log cabin Huge garden around with sandbox, swing, fire pit and pool Roubenka is in the quiet village of Drevenice, 10 km from Prachovské skal Right across the road is an... more
Welcome to our smithy Sobčice, whose reconstruction we began in 2018 and ended in 2021. During the reconstruction, we tried to preserve all architectural elements so that we can show visitors and... more
!!! NOVELTY!!! New modern year-round cottage It is located in a quiet location in the village of Březka, within sight of the Jinolický ponds and 2 km from the center of Prachovské skal, right in... more
Popovice is located in the Bohemian Paradise near the Prachovské rocks, Jinolické ponds, the fairytale town of Jičín, the Dvur Králové ZOO with safaris, castles, chateaux and much... more
Possibility of accommodation in the beautiful nature of the Bohemian Paradise in the village of Holín u Jičína. Only 2 km from the fairytale town of Jicin and 2 km from the main gate to the... more
Roubenka Na Hrádku is a former farm from 1812, which in recent years has undergone a complete reconstruction with the preservation of the original elements It offers stylish accommodation in the... more
You can find Libuň in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise on the route Jičín /8km/ - Turnov/12km/ The village has a shop, a post office, two train stops, three restaurants, and a bus It is an... more
Large stylish cottage, ideal for winter or summer holidays on the outskirts of the quiet village Vidochov, which is located in the Giant Mountains. It is only a short distance from us to the... more
The cottage is located in the center of the Bohemian Paradise, in the small and quiet village of Rytířova Lhota Kost Castle is a 20-minute walk away, Humprecht Castle is 5 km by car (6 km on foot)... more
Our cottage is located in a small village in the foothills of the Giant Mountains in Bohemian Paradise We offer accommodation in a spacious cottage for up to 9 people There is a fully equipped... more
We offer accommodation in THREE COTTAGES in the center of Český Ráj in the village of Březka near Jinolické ponds and Prachovské rocks The owner lives in the fourth cottage After... more
Jinolice - a village on the edge of the Bohemian Paradise A beautiful place for lovers of hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, mushroom picking and fishing A quiet place for seniors and families with... more
The cottage is located in the village of Robousy in a quiet place, solitude 3 km from the city of Jičín - the center of the Czech Paradise In 2008, the cottage was completely renovated There is a... more
Imagine waking up in an antique bedroom in a cottage in the middle of a quiet village in the Krkonoše Mountains. You can start breakfast under the treetops in the large garden or in the cozy common... more
The cottage is located on the outskirts of Mladějov in the heart of Bohemian Paradise, near Prachovské rocks, Trosky Castle and other interesting places in this region. The location of the holiday... more
Newly built triple cottage, fully equipped kitchen, TV, WiFi. Covered terrace with a small pool. The land is adjacent to a pond, where a pier is built for sitting. At the cottage is a grill pl. and a... more
Holiday house with an area of ​​100 m2 offers comfortable and spacious living. The building is located on a fenced plot in the center of Bohemian Paradise, in the village Mladějov. It is... more
We offer for rent a caravan located on the shore of a private pond in the small village of Osek, which is located near the historic town of Sobotka. This location is ideal for lots of... more
Jičín is an integral part of the Bohemian Paradise and Podkrkonoší It offers various forms of vacation, from romantic walks through historical places to the fulfillment of various experiences... more
An above-standard equipped villa with a large common room and rooms and apartments always with their own bathroom The object is suitable for a larger group It is located in part of the UNESCO... more
Chata Amálka is located in the rugged landscape of the village of Pecka in the Bohemian Paradise - Podkrkonoší, directly under the forest on the southern slope with a wonderful view of the entire... more
A cottage for up to 12 people with a swimming pool and a large fenced garden in the village of Hřmenín in the Czech Paradise location in a quiet location with a view of the surroundings There are 2... more
A magical place on the border of the municipalities of Mladějov and Loveč - in the center of Český Ráj, within sight of Trosky Castle, in close proximity to the Prachovské skal Very clean and... more
watch out - super last minute! 27/8 - 3/9 2022 CZK 7,990 3/9 - 10/9 2022 CZK 7,990 10/9 - 17/9 2022 CZK 7,990 17/9 - 24/9 2022 CZK 7,990 The cottage is situated in the heart of the Bohemian... more
The newly built building is located in the Bohemian Paradise in the village Drštěkryje The capacity of the whole building is 22 people It is a quiet environment surrounded by greenery with a... more
We rent the cottage as a whole, and you have the option of renting individual parts as well Chalupa Martin is located in the mountainous, picturesque Podkrkonoší in the town of Pecka, which is... more
The cottage is located on the outskirts of the small village of Štidla, not far from Sobotka, Kost Castle, and Humprecht Castle The journey to Prachovské skaly is only 10 minutes by car The ruins... more
Newly renovated cottage in a tourist-attractive location in Bohemian Paradise On the route of hiking and cycling trails, ideal for a family vacation Space for storing bikes and strollers Sobotka is... more
Stay with us in private, right under Pecka Castle! We are happy to welcome nice couples, families with children or a group of friends What you will find with us: - sauna - outdoor pool with a... more
Imagine waking up in an antique cottage bedroom in the middle of a peaceful village You can start with breakfast under the crowns of mature trees in the spacious garden or in the cozy common room... more
I am offering a cottage for rent, located in the picturesque village of Kyje near Jičín under the Tábor hill (678 m n m ) with Tichánek's lookout tower, is an ideal place for a quiet family... more
Chata Na Vyhlídka with its unrepeatable, breathtaking view will delight you with its location An oasis of complete tranquility with direct access to meadows, forests and a view you can't tear... more
The modern timbered cottage with beautiful views of the surroundings is surrounded by forests and groves There is peace, ideal for families with children or a group of friends The forests are full of... more
The cottage is located on the edge of the Bohemian Paradise in close proximity to the famous castle and chateau of Staré Hrady The all-wooden cottage offers accommodation for up to 6 - max 8 people... more
House no 35 (www ) is located on the edge of the picturesque village of Brdo, right on the Máchovka hiking trail, connecting Nova Paka with Kumburk Castle The castle is a stone's throw from... more
The Dršky cottage is located near the Prachovské rocks in the village of Samšina - Drtštěkryje We made the Dršky cottage a pleasure for everyone who likes to go to the cottage from time to time... more
The holiday cottage is located in the upper part of the village of Pařezská Lhota in Český raj, near the Prachovské rocks, 10 km northwest of Jičín The cottage is situated on a large fenced... more
The romantic cottage is located in a small, quiet cottage area of ​​Doubrava, which is located about 2 km northeast of Hořice, on the border of Podkrkonoší and Český raj On the unfenced plot... more