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Accommodation in Štítná nad Vláří-Popov pet friendly

2 accommodation possibilities are matching the selected criteria: Štítná nad Vláří-Popov pet friendly
The brick cottage is located in a secluded forest 5 km from the village of Štítná nad Vláří above the Vlára valley at the southern end of Wallachia in the White Carpathians at an altitude of... more
The newly renovated beautiful cottage is located in a quiet village in Štítná nad Vláří, near the towns of Luhačovice, Slavičín, Brumov - Bylnice, in the area of ​​the White Carpathians... more

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It is a brick reconstructed cottage standing almost alone on the edge of a meadow and forest in the area of ​​the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, in the area called Kopanice. There is... more
Pension Nivy is located in the Bila Karpaty Protected Landscape Area, secluded on a hill about 700m from the village Jestrabi. Newly renovated building with five fully equipped apartments. Total... more
A brick holiday house by the forest on the outskirts of the village of Starý Hrozenkov, in the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, about half a kilometer from the Slovak border. The building... more
Cottage for 12 people with a garden, in semi-solitude, at the end of the village near the towns of Luhačovice, Slavičín and Bojkovice A stream flows behind the... more
Cottage in the middle of the forest in the White Carpathians (Hluboče 40) It is designed ideally for families with children and for visitors who are willing to respect the peace of the cottage area... more
Azzy mountain hut is a place where you forget your everyday worries Thanks to a large open space illuminated by the sun's rays, a fairy-tale fireplace, a unique view from the windows and a pleasant... more
Newly renovated semi-detached house no 78 is located in the area of ​​the Jelenovská recreation center in a protected landscape area, but at the same time offers enough privacy The cottage is... more
In the heart of the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area is the picturesque border village of Žítková, which was famous for the novel "Žítkovské Bohyně" Our cottage is perched on a... more
Blue cottage - Žítková is a newly renovated cottage in a stylish style, located in the most beautiful and mysterious places of the White Carpathians in Moravian Kopanice The location of the... more
Who among us does not sometimes dream of disconnecting from the world, leaving for solitude and being carried away by the beauty of the mountains? This cottage will allow you to do just that and will... more
A comfortable, year-round habitable cottage with an ornamental garden and an inground pool (3.5 x 8m) with the option of solar water heating and a heat pump The cottage is located near the center of... more
Chata Lyžařská is located in a beautiful Wallachian landscape, in the cadastre of the town of Valašské Klobouky, on the border of the White Carpathians and Vizovické hills in the northern tip... more
DUE TO THE WELL DRYING UP, WE ARE NOT RENTING Fall/Winter 2022/2023. Cottage in the middle of the forest in the White Carpathians (Hluboče 69) It is intended mainly for families with children and... more