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Cottage Rentals in Stachy

12 accommodation possibilities are matching the selected criteria: Stachy cottage
A charming original wooden Šumava cottage from 1852 - 4+kk in semi-seclusion It includes large grassy meadows in the vicinity and an orchard The floor area of ​​the property is approximately 150... more
A modern, picturesque cottage located directly under the forest in the middle of a meadow, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, but at the same time close enough to the Zadov ski area (only... more
A spacious holiday cottage in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area located in the settlement of Kůsov, only two kilometers from the Zadov - Churáňov ski resort The newly built, stylish building is... more
A newly built cottage with a fenced garden, a children's playground and a really large playroom where, in addition to elements for children, there is also a football table that adults like to... more
Virtual tour of apartments We welcome you to the Apartments u Michala, which are located... more
Accommodation in the Šumava National Park, a protected landscape area in the quiet settlement of Churáňov, which is part of the Zadov ski area A large selection of hiking and cycling routes,... more
A newly built cottage with a fenced garden, a playground and a large playroom for children in a separate room of 25 m2. The cottage also has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a spacious living room +... more
Accommodation in Zadov The property is located on the border of the Šumava National Park, about 600m from the Zadov - Kobyla ski area, in a semi-secluded area It is a recreation facility divided... more
Hájenka is located in the South Bohemian part of Šumava, approx. 850m above sea level m in solitude, near the village of Nicov To relax, you can use the adjacent garden, fireplace, we also have a... more
The cottage is in a semi-secluded area at an altitude of 1010 m above sea level m. There are hiking and cycling trails nearby The property is approx. 2 km from the Zadov ski resort Spruce forests are... more
Selská Chalupa is located in the PLA zone at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level, which was converted over time from a farmhouse into a cozy and pleasant guesthouse near the Zadov ski center,... more
Newly sensitively renovated cottage in the picturesque Šumava village of Úbislav Great for groups of friends or multiple families Capacity 12 beds.. 2 apartments, 4 separate bedrooms The small... more

More accomodation near Stachy

The newly built house with two apartments is located on the outskirts of the village of Zdíkov One apartment for 4 to 6 people Second apartment for 4 people The apartments can be... more
New, high-quality and stylish accommodation in the Šumava foothills near the village of Račov na Samotách at an altitude of 710 m n m It is a place that is surrounded by forests, so it is an ideal... more
Newly renovated farmhouse in Šumava near Vimperek in South Bohemia At the main turn to Strážný/Germany Thanks to its remoteness, it is suitable for private events, celebrations, family... more
We invite you to the newly renovated Chalupa Řetenka in Šumava We offer an ideal holiday for families with children, for lovers of hiking, cycling and skiing in the quiet and clean environment of... more
Cottage Hořejšice is located in beautiful countryside, in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest, in the village Hořejšice. The holiday house is at the end of the village, then only the forest... more
Luxuriously furnished wellness cottage Žora for perfect rest Very quiet location with guaranteed privacy Summer and winter activities within driving distance (bikes, skis, swimming) The property has... more
Malá Kráska is located in Šumava in a completely quiet location on the edge of the mountain village of Nicov at an altitude of 800 m above sea level m. Thanks to its location, it offers beautiful... more
We offer short-term rental of the Yellow Cottage in Zdíkov (CHKO Šumava) directly adjacent to the Zadov and Churáňov ski areas (approx. 5 - 6 km) The capacity is 1 - 23 people and therefore... more
Dear guests Last available date in the summer 2024 season. 24.8.- 31.8.2024 order in time - don't hesitate! Then free only in the off-season of June and September with a discount of CZK 2,000 I... more
Šumava cottage in the vicinity of Boubín suitable for your vacation and weekend stays! The newly renovated cottage from the 18th century is located at the foot of Mářský vrch, not far from... more
Cottage for rent with three bedrooms with a capacity of 8 (up to 11 people by agreement) approx. 3 km from Zadovo and 10 km from Kvilda We offer nice accommodation for families with children, groups... more
The cottage offers pleasant and spacious accommodation with sufficient comfort for several families in the Šumava protected area 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5 kitchens and 3 common rooms will ensure... more
JAKUB'S COTTAGE We offer you a one-week stay in a beautiful, spacious building in the heart of the Šumava National Park In a completely undisturbed location with a wonderful view of the valley The... more
Newly built log cabin in a romantic valley, close to the ski area Zadov - Churáňov Forests, meadows, a stream, everything within reach Cross-country skiing and slopes in winter, relaxation, hiking... more
The cottage in Soběšice, located on the edge of Šumava, is ideal for accommodation and rest for families with children (maximum capacity is 16 people) The cottage features a modern and comfortable... more
Farmhouse - cultural monument - from 1600 with preserved historical elements - gates, facade, roof, bread oven... in the heritage-protected, quiet village of Kváskovice, located 700 m n m on a sunny... more
We offer a newly renovated cottage in a semi-secluded location in the village of Zdíkov in the beautiful Šumava foothills near the Šumava National Park Around the house is a large fenced garden of... more
Reconstructed cottage of the former Čeňkova Pila in the neighborhood of the historic water drive at the beginning of the Povydří educational trail near the confluence of the Vydra and... more
Cottage U vlčí stezky is a mountain cottage with eight rooms with a total capacity of up to 26 beds There is a common room with a beautiful view of the surrounding forests and a playroom for... more
Our cottage is located in a quiet area of ​​southeastern Šumava in the neighborhood of the village of Zdíkov The location in close proximity to the Šumava National Park, with Boubín and... more
We will rent a cottage in a secluded forest "without Grandfather Komárek" ☺️ The cottage is located in the cadastre of the village Soběšice u Sušice (border of South Bohemia and West... more
If you want a quiet place with the possibility of walking or cycling, mushroom picking, wandering on snowshoes or cross-country skiing, you've come to the right place If Chalupa Svojše had not... more
Our original cottage from the beginning of the 19th century underwent a sensitive reconstruction with an emphasis on preserving the typical "cottage" atmosphere, but it was adapted to current... more
The cottage is located in the beautiful Šumava countryside at the eastern foot of the Javorník mountain in the village of Lhota nad Rohanov It is located in the neighborhood of forests, hiking... more
The spacious holiday cottage is located in the middle of the picturesque Šumava nature on the outskirts of the village of Nové Hutě The semi-seclusion in which Boko's cottage is located will be... more
Sensitively renovated cottage in a quiet location in the village of Nezdice on Šumava is ready for shared accommodation of up to 20 people, id four families with children At the cottage there is a... more
Chalupa Lazny - Strašín - swimming pool and sauna Very nicely furnished, newly renovated 4 - room cottage (120 m2) is located in a small Šumava village Lazny and offers rental for max 10... more
Roubenka is located in Nové Huty in Šumava It is brand new, smells of wood It was approved in 2017. It has all standard... more
The cottage U Soviček is located in a quiet part of the picturesque village of Nové Hutě, which lies 10 km from Vimperek in the direction of Kvilda Renting a cottage is suitable for a group of... more
We offer a newly renovated cottage in a semi-secluded location in the village of Bořanovice in the beautiful Šumava foothills near the Šumava National Park Near the house you will find a pergola... more
If you want to see a donkey live, then you have come across the cottage for you! Parents can relax and children can meet the donkey, which is at the cottage all year round Three beautiful apartments... more
Stylish above-standard equipped cottage in an attractive part of the Šumava National Park, with a garden Ideal for holidays, recreation, relaxation, family and friendly celebrations, stays with... more
Come and enjoy a peaceful stay, rest and escape from the busy city at our family cottage in the Šumava Mountains, close to the picturesque Javorník recreation center The cottage is ideally located... more
The house is located in the middle of the beautiful Šumava landscape near Kašperk Castle We offer for rent three fully equipped original apartments in an exceptionally quiet environment in the... more
Cottage Opolenec is located in a God-protected village 5 km from Kašperské Hory The apartment is located on the first floor and has a separate entrance and 2 outdoor seating areas Opolenec is... more
Newly built in 2006, a classic Šumava cottage on the outskirts of the village with a beautiful view and open space in the surrounding area We offer a pleasant experience for lovers of wine, sports... more
The newly renovated cottage at the very end of the village with an amazing view will guarantee you peace and well-being The cottage has a kitchen, a bathroom, a separate toilet, a common room with a... more
Welcome to a quiet location outside the busy center of Kvilda, which guarantees convenient accommodation for groups of 6 - 8 people thanks to its location and price! Free parking! Free dates listed... more
For all those who like Šumava forests and a quiet environment, we offer accommodation at Chalupa na Šumava in the picturesque town of Rejštejně under the Kašperské horami The cottage has 4... more
Schwarzenberg grove stone stylish house Over the course of two years, a total renovation took place, creating wonderful rooms for accommodation with a shared kitchen and a large, stylish dining... more
Cottage no 25 in Kváskovice u Drázov is a listed, rarely preserved log house from Šumava Its age is estimated at 250 years It is in a very original and well-preserved condition, complete with 21st... more
The newly built, stylishly furnished log house Meandra with a size of 210 m2 has three residential units that can comfortably accommodate 14 people Accommodation parts can be rented separately or the... more
We offer accommodation in a comfortably equipped holiday house with barrier-free access in the picturesque Šumava village of Víska near Vacovo There are forests in the area that invite you to pick... more
Renovated village cottage with indoor heated pool Swimming pool with counter current and salt water with dimensions of 4x3m and a depth of 150cm year-round operation We provide accommodation for 2 -... more
We offer for rent a cottage with up to 19 beds Here you will find wonderful panoramic views of the Šumava Mountains As for the equipment, you will find here an equipped kitchen unit, a spacious... more
Chalupa u Kramlů is a completely renovated building that is used to accommodate mostly groups of people who know each other (the whole cottage is rented) or families with children and pets It is... more
We have prepared space for up to 9 people, comfortable for two families You have at your disposal three separate bedrooms, an equipped kitchen connected to the living room, dominated by a large... more
A stylish cottage located in the middle of the beautiful Šumava countryside near Kašperk Castle It is part of a larger area, does not stand alone, but provides guests with sufficient... more
A generous cottage for demanding and romantic beings Korálek stands on the southern slope of the Javornické massif, above Benešová Hora, at an altitude of 800 m From the north it is protected by... more
Apartments in nature - the cottage is in breathtaking nature in the heart of Šumava, in the highest settlement of Filipova Huť Filipova Huť is at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level m and is... more
Newly renovated stone cottage (originally a 200-year-old building) with an enclosed yard, swimming pool, sauna and a large grassy plot Here you will find a place to relax in the fresh mountain air,... more
A period cottage in the village of Čkyně suitable for holidays with children and for trips to the beauties of the nearby Šumava, Prachatice, Vimperk, Volyn with the oldest swimming pool and summer... more
Newly renovated insulated cottage, without the need for a heating service It is located at the end of a small village and is surrounded by a closed fence From the balcony, a wonderful view of the... more
The cottage is located in the village of Nezdice in Šumava It has been completely renovated It is suitable for both summer and winter recreation There is a swimming pool and a ski lift right in the... more
Newly renovated cottage for relaxation or an active vacation Ideal for families with children, athletes, lovers of hiking, wellness and peace in virgin nature The cottage is located on the edge... more
Newly built house in the Šumava PLA, with a view of the Amálina valley Suitable for families with children and a group of friends RD near the ski area The ski area is visible from two... more
A luxury cottage with a well-kept spacious garden is located in Nové Huty - Polesí in the Šumava protected landscape area, 10 km from Vimperek in the direction of Kvilda and Modrava It is located... more
BARRIER-FREE ACCOMMODATION We offer you to rent a picturesque country-style cottage in a semi-secluded area the Šumava village of Zdíkov This is private accommodation The cottage with its own... more
Accommodation in a genuine log cabin in Šumava Podlesí pod Javorník Like every true Šumava cottage, the cottage is built in the shape of the letter "L" where one part is used by our family as a... more
Newly renovated agricultural estate - farm in Šumava The estate is located at an altitude of 770 m n m in a small settlement in the middle of forests and meadows, which is perhaps the last village... more
Cottage Onšovice is located in a semi-secluded area near the forest, approx. 100 meters from the river Spůlka There is a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and forests Here you will find... more