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Cottage Rentals in Jindřichovice

2 accommodation possibilities are matching the selected criteria: Jindřichovice cottage
The cottage is situated in the picturesque village of Háj u Jindřichovice, which is located near the spa towns of Karlovy Vary (approx. 18 km), Františkovy Lázně (approx. 48 km) and Mariánské... more
We offer accommodation in a newly built log cabin located in the picturesque village of Háj u Jindřichovice in the Ore Mountains The cottage offers luxurious equipment and plenty of activities for... more

More accomodation near Jindřichovice

We offer you the rental of our magical Roubenka Bublava It is located in a picturesque and forgotten part of the Ore Mountains on the very edge of the village of Bublava, 1 km from the border with... more
Roubenky offers accommodation with a capacity of 6 people in each cabin Both cabins can be rented at the same time or only one cabin The charming two log cabins in the village of Bublava are an... more
View our farm on video: Kopanina Farm A spacious, completely renovated farmhouse, at the foot of the Ore Mountains... more
The stylishly furnished new building Roubenka na zelené is located on the ridge of the Ore Mountains in the Přebuz Nature Park The cottage stands directly in the open countryside, outside the... more
New construction of a stylishly furnished log cabin on the ridge of the Ore Mountains in the Přebuz Nature Park Altitude 900m Ideal for cycling, walking, cross-country skiing, the routes lead... more
The cottage is located in the western part of the Ore Mountains in the village of Stříbrná, with absolute privacy and a beautiful view of nature, approx. 50m from the forest and approx. 100m from... more
The cottage is located in the center of the quiet village of Bublava, surrounded by forests and pastures, 5 km from the town of Kraslice and 1 km from the border with Germany There are several... more
Cottage rental Cottage rental
4 Bedrooms 15 Persons Cottage
The cottage is located in the southwestern part of the Ore Mountains, two kilometers from the border with Germany and 50 meters from the center of the ski area It is suitable for winter and summer... more
We rent a cottage with a fenced garden of approx. 800 m² It is located in a quiet area 1 km above Kraslice, right by the forest, in the beautiful nature of the Ore Mountains The surroundings of the... more
The purposefully furnished 3-room cottage (120 m²) is located near the forest on the edge of the mountain village of Nejdek and offers rent for max. 7 people Through the hall and the corridor you... more
Mountain cottage in close proximity to a small family farm, located on a hill in the Nové Hamry ski resort, beautiful nature, ideal conditions for skiing (Plešivec, Klínovec, Bublava, Potůčky,... more
Cottage West Bohemia offers 160m2 on two floors and the indicated price for a stay of up to 9 PEOPLE INCLUDING ENERGY CONSUMPTION This is a nice cozy family house reconstructed in a natural style... more
The village of Bublava is located in the Ore Mountains in the Sokolov district, Karlovy Vary region It lies close to the Czech-German border The cottage is located on the outskirts of Bublava After... more
We offer for rent a renovated cottage in the Ore Mountains If you long for the romance of old times, we offer for rent a cottage with a live fire, and thanks to the connection to the forest, forest... more
Chalupa Vera is located in the small village of Lítov (German Lithuania) 550m n m and is the highest point in the village with a view of the city of Sokolov and its surroundings The cottage is in a... more
A luxurious newly built cottage in the foothills of the Ore Mountains in Tisová near Nejdek, which offers many ideas for trips, hikes, combined by train and by bike in beautiful nature The cottage... more